Exclusive services of your exclusive Flexi.

Garanti BBVA City Living

Flexi Card helps you to get to know your city better and not to miss any activities. When you call 0212 310 23 98, it makes reservations under your name for culture and art events in İstanbul and orders books, cassettes, CDs and even flowers for you. Use Garanti BBVA City Living and make your life easier. Sends tickets for the football game that you want or your plane, bus, train or ferry tickets to your house. In short, Garanti BBVA City Living makes your life easier.  

Emergency Situation Help Service (Visa global Customer Assistance Center)

Flexi Card offers Emergency Situation Help Service 24/7:

Reporting a lost or stolen Flexi Card

When your card is lost or stolen abroad, you can call the Emergency Situation Help Service and reach customer representatives who provide service in any language. Emergency Card Renewal

If you wish, with the “emergency card renewal service” your card is renewed and delivered to the address you have provided.

Emergency Cash Advance

If you need cash advance, your need for cash is satisfied with the Emergency Cash Advance service at the location closest to you. If you use cash advance, this transaction is reflected on your card as a cash advance transaction.

The most used Visa Global Customer Assistance Center telephone numbers:

USA: 1 800 847 2911
United Kingdom: 0 800 89 1725
Singapore: 800 110 0344

Garanti BBVA Parking

When you show your Flexi Card at İstanbul Atatürk Airport International and Domestic Terminals your car is picked up at the gate by a parking lot attendant, parked at the parking lot with a 50% discount and delivered to you at the gate when you return. To take advantage of Garanti BBVA Parking, all you have to do is to call 0212 465 55 55

Garanti BBVA Assistant

With Bonus Assistant, you can call a tow truck for your car, or a glazier, locksmith or a plumber to your home. All you have to do is to call 0212 213 33 33 when you need. You can also take advantage of technical assistance, home assistance, vehicle maintenance, Home Health Card and information organization services.

Garanti BBVA Travel Line

With the Garanti BBVA Travel Line service, you call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center when you need, key in the Travel Line and purchase your airline ticket on installments up to 6 months with just a single telephone call. Your flight information is sent to your e-mail address or your mobile phone vis SMS, and your transaction is completed in no time.

Garanti BBVA Shuttle Service

Bonus cares for your comfort. It provides transportation from your home to the airport and from the airport to your home by VIP equipped vehicles. What’s more, with 30% discounted prices exclusive to Bonus.

 Number of People1234 or more
İstanbul Atatürk   Avcılar - 4. Levent40TL64TL77 TL 88 TL 
Maslak and beyond49TL75TL97 TL 113TL
Anatolian Side (Up to Kartal Bridge)58 TL84 TL103 TL

121 TL

Anadolu yakası Anatolian side (Sabiha Gokcen up)60 TL92TL113 TL

129 TL

İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen  Şişli - Beşiktaş58 TL84 TL103 TL121 TL
Europe other60 TL92 TL113 TL128 TL
Anatolian Side53 TL75 TL97 TL112 TL
Gebze53 TL75 TL97 TL112 TL
İzmit68 TL103 TL131 TL152 TL
İzmirCity center43 TL64 TL77 TL88 TL
AnkaraCity center56 TL84 TL103 TL121 TL
AntalyaCity center40 TL64 TL77 TL88 TL
Belek-Kemer129TL129 TL129 TL129TL
Manavgat-Olimpos166 TL166 TL166 TL166TL

296 TL

296 TL296 TL296 TL
AdanaCity center28 TL45 TL59 TL69 TL
Tarsus49 TL75 TL97 TL113 TL
Mersin68 TL92 TL113 TL129 TL
KayseriCity center14 TL25 TL30 TL39 TL
Organize Sanayi60 TL60 TL60 TL60TL
Erciyes100TL100TL100 TL100 TL
Kapadokya200TL200 TL200 TL200 TL
ÇorluCity center5TL10 TL15 TL20 TL
İzmirÇeşme76TL125 TL160 TL190 TL
BodrumMilas66TL95 TL135 TL150 TL
DalamanCity center66TL95 TL135 TL150 TL
  • Group discounts are only available for passengers who get in or get out at the same address.
  • During the booking, the operator will inform you whether or not your address is within our service area.
  • The service is free of charge for children between the ages of 0-6, and a child seat is available in every vehicle.
  • A 50% discount applies for children between the ages of 6-12.
  • You can book your shuttle transfer up until 6 hours before your flight.
  • For cancellations made at least 4 hours before the flight departure time, a full refund is granted for the fee.
  • For delays that exceed 3 hours, Secure Drive’s obligation to hold the vehicle at the airport expires, however Secure Drive guarantees to provide the service with the first available vehicle.
  • These rates are valid between the dates of April 18, 2014 – October 8, 2014.


Make your life easier with Flexi exclusive services.Make your life easier with Flexi exclusive services.

Make your life easier with Flexi exclusive services.

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • How can I create the visual of my Flexi Card?

    You can determine your card visual by selecting one of the 6 different standard Flexi visuals. Find out more

  • How can I change my package? What counts as package change?

    You can change your package through 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, www.garantibbva.com.tr or Garanti BBVA branches. Find out more

  • What are the features of Flexi?

    Flexi enables you to earn installments and bonus everywhere Bonus Card is accepted. Find out more

  • Can I get information in regards to using the bonus accumulated on my Flexi?

    You can use the bonus that you have earned with your Flexi Card in any way that you like. Find out more