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        Private Pension System

        The private pension scheme is the way to go if you want to save money!

        Don't you want to live a comfortable and happy retirement period that is away from all economical concerns and through which you maintain your current standard of living? You can join the private pension system today and start shaping your future, thereby ultimately achieving the retirement of your dreams.
        The private pension scheme enables you to build up savings regularly for your retirement period and turn these savings into investments. When or how to use your savings is totally up to you.
        Moreover, through a 30% state contribution mechanism, the state contributes TL 300 on your behalf for every TL 1.000. In other words, your 1.000 liras invested in the private pension scheme increases to 1.300 liras. Consider also the fund yields, and you will see that you have made the right investment for your retirement.
        Additionally, if you make your pension payments with your Bonus or Flexi credit card, you will earn extra bonuses; and if you wish, you can increase your savings by transferring your accumulated bonuses to your pension account.
        If you want to save money, join the private pension scheme and start saving with us!
        • Advantages

          You can benefit from the advantages of the private pension scheme to avoid being affected by potential unfavorable situations that may occur in relation to pensions following the change in the balance between active employees and retirees in the future:

          • Private pension scheme has the advantage of state contribution that no other investment instrument can offer. You receive a 30% state contribution over the private pension payments you will make. In other words, you are given TL 30 state contribution for each TL 100 you put in your pension account.
          • You are free to choose from among various plans in accordance with your needs.
          • You can determine the payment period frequency (monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly).
          • If you make your payments with Garanti BBVA credit cards, you can take advantage of special offers.
          • Whenever you want, you can take a break from making payments for your pension scheme, and you can continue where you left from when you wish.

          Don't forget: the sooner you join the system, the more advantageous it is.