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        With BonusFlaş, campaigns, card details, and new generation payment technologies all come in a single application!

        BonusFlaş allows you to perform all Garanti BBVA card transactions, easily participate in profitable campaigns, easily follow the campaigns you have participated in, plan your budget and see payment alternatives that will make your life easier just with a single click.

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          What is BonusFlaş?
          BonusFlaş is a mobile banking application that makes life easier by offering all your Garanti BBVA card needs, profitable campaigns and new generation payment solutions.

          How do I download BonusFlaş?
          You can click on to learn more about the app and easily download for free! You can also access BonusFlaş from App Store, Google Play Store and App Gallery.

          How do I log in to BonusFlaş?

          When you log in to BonusFlaş for the first time, you can log in immediately using your TR identity number or Customer number, and your Garanti BBVA Internet Banking / Garanti BBVA Mobil password. If you don't have or forgot your password, you can get it instantly from BonusFlaş. After you enter your password at the first login, a one-time password is sent to your phone to match the device you use with your account for your security.

          How do I get a password?
          You should have a digital password to start using BonusFlaş. You can easily get your password with your phone number and password of either your credit card or Paracard using BonusFlaş. You can use the same password to log in to Garanti BBVA Mobile and Garanti BBVA Internet Banking. You can call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any question about BonusFlaş.