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        Environmentally Friendly Bonus

        Environmentally Friendly Bonus

        The Bonus of those who care about their planet.

        Our planet is under the threat of global warming. If we don't take immediate measures, an uncertain future is waiting for our children and even us. If you also think that something must be done to prevent this, you can switch to a green credit card with Environmentally Friendly Bonus. Environmentally Friendly Bonus is happy to work alongside you for the sake of our nature.

        What's more, you start earning a 25% extra bonus when your monthly purchase with the Environmentally Friendly Bonus Gold card exceeds 2,000 TL.

        For your monthly purchases between 2,000 and 4,000 TL with Environmentally Friendly Bonus Platinum, you earn a 50% extra bonus while it increases to a 100% extra bonus for purchases exceeding 4,000 TL.

        Moreover, thanks to the contactless Tap & Go feature of your Environmentally Friendly Bonus, you can carry out your transactions up to 750 TL without needing the PIN or signature at every location with a Mastercard™ PayPass® POS terminal. To use this feature, you just need to tap your card to the POS terminal after the purchase amount has been entered into the device. Your transaction will be completed in less than a second.
        If you wish, you may also apply via Garanti BBVA Mobile, Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, or our branches.
        BonusFlaş allows you to take control of your Environmentally Friendly Bonus card details, payments, and campaigns in a single application. Install BonusFlaş now!
        • Features

          • Environmentally Friendly Bonus enables you to donate a certain amount of expenditures made outside of Bonus member workplaces to nature conservation projects by WWF-Turkey (World Wild Fund for Nature).
          • A minimum amount of PVC, which is relatively more resistant to environmental conditions compared to other types of plastic, is used in the making of the card. Therefore, it dissolves in nature more quickly than other plastic cards.
          • You earn bonus on all purchases with your Environmentally Friendly Bonus across the world.
          • You earn more bonuses on purchases from over 250,000 Bonus Program Partners.
          • You earn a 25% extra bonus on all monthly purchases over 2,000 TL with Environmentally Friendly Bonus Gold.
          • For your monthly purchases between 2,000 and 4,000 TL with Environmentally Friendly Bonus Platinum, you earn a 50% extra bonus while it increases to a 100% extra bonus for purchases exceeding 4,000 TL. *
          • For your monthly 750 TL and over e-commerce purchases, you earn a %5 bonus. **
          • You can use your accumulated bonuses to shop for free at Bonus program partners.
          • You can combine the pleasure of bonus with the comfort of purchases in installments.
          • You earn bonus when you place a regular payment order for your payments such as rent, school fees, and installments for white appliances by using your Environmentally Friendly Bonus.
          • Environmentally Friendly Bonus enables you to perform your contactless transactions up to 750 TL without a PIN or signature. However, you are required to enter your PIN for transactions over 750 TL.
          • With your Environmentally Friendly Bonus, you can access your current accounts from all Garanti BBVA ATMs and conveniently perform the transactions that you carry out with your Paracard, such as money withdrawal and depositing.
          • When you need cash, you can withdraw cash advances with fixed installments and suitable interest rates.
          • You can find out about your accumulated bonuses through Bonus program partners, Garanti BBVA Mobile, Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, or your card statement.
          • You can only earn bonus when you use an Environmentally Friendly Bonus card at a Garanti BBVA POS for your purchases.

          *The maximum monthly extra bonus amount is limited to 20 TL and yearly to 150 TL.

          **The maximum monthly extra bonus amount is limited to 42 TL and yearly to 500 TL.

        • Rates and Fees

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        • Security

          Why are transactions with a contactless credit card safe?

          • While creating methods that monitor, predict, and prevent fraud cases, Garanti BBVA and MasterCard develop very advanced fraud prevention techniques to ensure that you will be least affected in such cases. With secure coding technology, your contactless Environmentally Friendly Bonus is as secure as your usual credit card.
          • You are in control! - Your Environmentally Friendly Bonus cannot make a payment unless you request otherwise.
          • No accidental payments - Your Environmentally Friendly Bonus must be placed within a distance less than 10 cm from the reader device for a payment transaction to be executed.
          • No double payments - Even if you scan your Environmentally Friendly Bonus  to the reader more than once during the payment, you only pay once.

          PayPass Technology

          • The Environmentally Friendly Bonus has a contactless chip and radio frequency transmitter. During the payment, when you approximate your Environmentally Friendly Bonus to the reader, payment details are transmitted to the MasterCard network. You get the payment approval soon after you hear the beep sound.

          Security Advice

          • If you are worried about protecting your credit card information, just follow a few simple steps to relieve yourself of this stress.
          • Stolen cards are mostly used within the first 48 hours. If you notice a suspicious transaction performed with your card, do not use your Environmentally Friendly Bonus, and do call the Customer Communication Center at 444 0 333 immediately and inform the bank of the suspicious transaction by following step 1.
          • Make sure you know where your Environmentally Friendly Bonus is, and keep it somewhere safe.
          • Check frequently that not only your Environmentally Friendly Bonus but also your other credit cards are with you in order to make sure that they are not lost.
          • Create a single list including the following information about all your cards: card number, expiry date, and emergency number written on the back. Keep this list in a safe place, separated from your cards. You can use the information on this list if you lose your card or it gets stolen.