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        Private Banking Products and Services

        Personalized investment alternatives for you from Garanti BBVA Private Banking!

        Learn about our innovative and personalized services.
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        • Features

          Some of the innovative and personalized private banking products and services of Garanti BBVA to make an investment plan that best suits your risk profile and expectations:
          • All kinds of standard retail banking, safety deposit box and counter services that will make your payments, provide solutions for your borrowing needs, and turn your savings into investments.
          • Garanti BBVA Private Banking Masters Financial Planning service that will create the investment plan that suits you the best.
          • Sophisticated investment products that will provide you with the opportunity to invest your savings in foreign currency securities and various derivative products.
          • Masters funds that are designed to suit your identified risk profile, aim to generate the maximum return based on risk groups, and are dynamically managed by professional teams.
          • Garanti BBVA Private Banking Masters Structured Deposit Products and Option Strategies that offer guaranteed principal for your TL and foreign currency savings and the opportunity to obtain yield from the changes in the financial markets.
          • Personalized and mile accumulating Miles&Smiles Private Banking and Shop&Fly Private Banking credit cards that will brighten up your life.
          • The Garanti BBVA Private Banking online magazine “Masterpiece” believes in the power of gathering interesting points of life together. It is therefore published online in three different versions to be able to do justice to its name and create content that will serve each and every member of Garanti BBVA Private Banking.
          • Garanti BBVA Private Banking Pension Plan that ensures your payments are channeled directly to pension funds without being subject to any administrative expense fees and where you do not pay any onboarding fee.
          • Garanti BBVA Mortgage products that offer you a personalized financing option when you try to decide on a house that you will buy for a comfortable living space or a profitable investment.
          • "Garanti BBVA Private Banking My Yacht Is Guaranteed" insurance that covers your yacht against many risks from natural disasters, theft, or malicious acts to collision while sailing on the open sea or docked at the marina.
          • Garanti BBVA Private Banking Artworks Insurance that aims to protect your distinguished works of art and private collections against all possible risks and covers your works of art under an umbrella policy that will be valid not only when artworks are stationary at a point but also when they are being transported and in case they are exhibited in other locations.
          • Personalized Garanti BBVA Private Banking Research Reports that analyze the overall outlook of the markets in conjunction with the domestic and international economic developments.
          • Yield Report that allows you to check your yield for a period of your selection in detail and that remains available on the Internet Branch if you wish to, at any time, review previous period reports prepared specifically for you. If you want, you can also receive your Yield Report every month via e-mail.

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