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        Security - Our Security Practices

        We care about your security.

        As Garanti BBVA, we care about your security. Please read on to learn about the precautions and practices we implement to protect you while you perform your transactions on the internet.

        Login via Mobile Notification
        Login via Mobile Notification is a secure method that enables logging in by confirming the notification, instead of an SMS PIN, sent to your device from Garanti BBVA Mobile.

        To easily log in to Garanti BBVA Internet Banking with Mobile Notification:

        • Once you enter your password, a notification is sent to your device matched with Garanti BBVA Mobile.
        • Tap on the notification on your screen and press confirm to safely log in to Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.
        • If you do not receive a notification on your device, you can follow these steps: Garanti BBVA Mobile >> Profile and Settings menu >> Garanti BBVA Internet Banking Login Confirmation.
        • Check your internet settings when you do not receive notifications on your device. Also, please make sure that the notification settings on Garanti BBVA Mobile >> Profile and Settings menu are on.

        Our Other Precautions

        Tokenization (Device Matching)

        Login PIN via SMS

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        Şifrematik Usage

        Additional Confirmation

        Internet Banking Security Settings