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        Making a HGS apply is so easy now!

        You can take advantage of Garanti BBVA Internet Banking and mobile branch options to apply for HGS (Fast Pass System) and top up your balance and enjoy a convenient and fast pass.

        Regarding applications via Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, or Garanti BBVA Mobile, you may send an e-mail to "" by attaching a photograph of your vehicle license showing the fuel type and including your customer number and vehicle plate number in order to start the refund process for the HGS product fee if your vehicle is hybrid or electric. In case of applications via Garanti BBVA branches, on the other hand, you may ask the branch staff to create a refund record for you.

        You can apply for HGS via HGS Application under the Applications menu on Garanti BBVA Internet Banking; via HGS Application under the Applications menu on Garanti BBVA Mobile; by calling Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center; or by visiting Garanti BBVA branches.
        If you wish, you may request from us the free-of-charge courier delivery of your preferred product by submitting your application via the above-mentioned channels or you may start using your HGS sticker by getting it on the spot at the time of application at Garanti BBVA branches.*
        *It only applies to HGS stickers for 1st class vehicles.
        • Features and Benefits

          • You should have an account at or a credit card by our bank in order for you to apply for HGS. If you don't have an account or a credit card, you may apply for either one of these before proceeding with the application for HGS.
          • You can give an "automatic payment order" either from your current (demand deposit) account or your credit card to make sure the fees for your toll road passages are paid automatically.
          • You can set a balance limit for your product and ensure that an automatic top-up amount you determined is loaded to your HGS once the balance thereof falls below the limit you have set.
          • The HGS product is available in the form of a sticker and card.
          • HGS sticker costs TL 70 while the card version is worth TL 125.
          • If your vehicle is not hybrid or electric, you may request and receive a refund of the fee of the HGS product you purchased.