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        About Us

        About Us

        • Investor Relations

          Established in 1946, Garanti BBVA is Turkey’s most valuable and second largest private bank with consolidated assets close to TL 953 billion (USD 65.5 billion) as of March 31, 2022.

        • Our Purpose

          Our purpose, the bring the age of opportunity to everyone.

        • History

          Garanti BBVA was established in 1946 by 103 cofounders as a joint-stock company in Ankara.

        • Our Social Media Accounts

          You can follow all of Garanti BBVA's innovations, products making life easier, campaigns, and special offers on our social media pages.


        • Branches and ATMs

          Access Garanti BBVA ATMs and branches easily! Check what you can do via branches and Garanti BBVA ATMs!

        • Branches Open on Weekends

          You can get detailed information about our branches serving at the weekend.

        • Contact Us Form

          You can find the answers to your questions under Practical Solutions or fill out our contact form.

        Customer Care

        • Contact Us Form

          We are here to enhance your experience.

        • Status Tracking Form

          Sürecinizi mesaj takip formu ile dilediğiniz zaman kontrol edebilirsiniz.

        • Practical Solutions

          You can find practical answers to your questions here.

        • Customer Care Support

          We are here to transform the unfortunate events you face into pleasant experiences.

        Organizational Structure

        • Branch Organization

          You can get detailed information about our Garanti BBVA Branches, which are specialized in different banking services.

        • Headquarters Organization

          You can view the organizational structure of our headquarters.


        • Garanti BBVA Music

          Aiming to broaden the jazz horizon of music-lovers, Garanti BBVA is one of the leading sponsors of jazz in Turkey and continues its support under the trademark "Garanti BBVA Music".

        • Supporting Sports

          Garanti BBVA supports basketball in all aspects.

        Talent and Culture

        • Talent and Culture Policies

          Create your success story at Garanti BBVA!

        • Career at Garanti BBVA

          We are conducting many career programs for those who want to be a part of the Garanti BBVA family that accentuates human capital.

        • From Our CEO

          The most important key to Garanti BBVA’s success is human capital.