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        Bonus Diji

        Bonus Diji

        Bonus Diji: the Bonus card with the newest technology! Your card information is confidential, your shopping is secure!

        Using Bonus Diji, you get to benefit from all the features and campaigns offered by Bonus Trink. What's more, you can instantly start enjoying online shopping thanks to the opportunity to obtain the relevant card number, expiry date, and CVV details that you can access via BonusFlaş, Garanti BBVA Mobile, and Garanti BBVA Internet immediately after the approval of your application - no need to receive the card in real life.

        • Features

          • The Bonus Diji physical card only features your name and surname. The card number, expiry date, and CVV details are not written on the card. You can display your card details via BonusFlaş, Garanti BBVA Mobile, and Garanti BBVA Internet.
          • If you wish, you can also use the QR code and mobile payment features via BonusFlaş and shop online with GarantiPay without sharing your card details with e-commerce websites.
          • Once our Bank is informed of the receipt of delivery of your Bonus Diji card, your card shall be activated for use at POS and ATM devices.
          • With Bonus Diiji, you can earn lots of bonuses on your purchases, in addition to installment shopping opportunity, and use your earned bonuses to shop for free at Bonus program partners.
          • Each earned bonus is equal to 1 TL (1 bonus=1 TL).
          • Thanks to the Tap & Go feature of your Bonus Diji, you can carry out your transactions up to 750 TL in less than a second, without needing the PIN or signature, at every location with a contactless POS terminal.
          • This is a product of the MasterCard Digital First Program. Our customers will instantly be able to start shopping online and making mobile payments using the QR and NFC features without bothering to deal with any additional procedure once they receive approval for their Bonus Diji applications either via BonusFlaş if they already have a Garanti BBVA credit card or via Garanti BBVA Mobile,, and BonusFlaş if they are Garanti BBVA customers.
          • If your physical Bonus Diji card has not been delivered to you, it shall be disabled for use online and in real life.
        • Rates and Fees

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