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        24/7 Money Transfer and Easy Address Identification

        Transfer money 24/7 with Easy Address - no need for IBAN!

        • Just identify Easy Address from Garanti BBVA Mobile and stop worrying about using the 26-digit IBAN!
        • Share your mobile phone, e-mail, ID, tax, or passport number with the people who will send you money. Moreover, you can enjoy the convenience of money transfer between different bank accounts 24/7 thanks to the FAST service, no matter the day or time!
        • FAST (Instantaneous and Continuous Transfer of Funds)

          What Is Money Transfer with FAST?

          The Instantaneous and Continuous Transfer of Funds (FAST) system allows matching the mobile phone number, e-mail, ID, tax number, and passport number with IBAN for use in EFT and remittance transactions, instead of using the whole IBAN.

          With the Easy Address Identification, retail customers using Garanti BBVA Mobile will be able to perform their FAST transactions 24/7 upon matching their mobile phone number, e-mail, ID, tax number, and passport number with their IBAN while corporate customers are required to match their IBAN with a mobile phone number, e-mail, and tax identity number.

        • Easy Address

          Offered thanks to the infrastructure by Interbank Card Center (BKM), the Easy Address is a system that allows our customers to match their mobile phone number, e-mail, ID, tax number, and passport number with their IBAN via Garanti BBVA Mobile / Internet Banking. Matched information can be used to send and receive money via FAST, EFT, and remittance channels.

          How Can I Identify Easy Address?

          Identifying your Easy Address is a piece of cake with Garanti BBVA Mobile!

          • Log in to Garanti BBVA Mobile now.
          • Go to the Account and Card section.
          • Go to Accounts and define your Easy Address from your Current Account details.*

          How Can I Transfer Money with Easy Address?

          • Go to the Transactions menu on Garanti BBVA Mobile.
          • Press the Money Transfers and then choose the "Transfer to Easy Address" option.
          • Choose whichever detail of the person you want to transfer money to is identified as their Easy Address; it may be a mobile phone number or TCKN (TR ID number).
          • Enter the Easy Address information and the amount you want to transfer and then complete your transaction.

          *Each piece of identified information can only be matched with one IBAN. If the customer wishes to match the same information with different IBANs at different banks, then the IBAN at the bank for which the customer has recently completed Easy Address identification shall be valid.

          You can list your identifications on and update them via the Easy Address Identification page.

          You can download Garanti BBVA Mobile from the AppStore or Google Play. You can also download Garanti BBVA Mobile application by sending a short text to 3342 typing "Garanti BBVA Mobil" and then clicking on the link included in the message you receive on your cell phone.