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        How can I be a Garanti BBVA customer without going to the branch?

        • Download Garanti BBVA Mobile and click on "I Want to Be a Customer".
        • Enter your identity number and mobile phone number.
        • Fill in your personal information.

        Allow us to get to know you via your phone

        • Rotate your phone horizontally and take a photo of the front and back of your ID card.
        • To verify your identity, hold your ID card to the back of your phone and scan it with the help of NFC (Near Field Communication) feature of your phone.
        • If you do not have a phone supporting the near field communication (NFC) feature but you wish to verify your identity, you can transfer 1 TL or another minimum amount, which is allowed by your bank, from another bank account of yours to our bank's account only to be retransferred to you within the same day. When you receive an SMS informing you of the completion of the ID verification step, you will be able to proceed with the onboarding process.
        • Take a photo of your face with the front camera of your phone.
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        Sign the relevant agreements from the comfort of your couch

        • Connect to our customer representative with a video call. Video call service will be available between 08:30 and 01:00 hours, including official holidays and weekends.
        • Confirm the agreements.
        • Create your password for digital channels.
        • Instantly access all products and services provided by Garanti BBVA Mobile.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Who can be a Garanti BBVA customer remotely?

        What are the points to be considered?

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