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        Credit Cards with the most freebies, the most types and the highest technology!

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        • Bonus Platinum

          With the Garanti BBVA Bonus Platinum credit card, you can enjoy installment shopping and earn bonuses. Apply for a Bonus Platinum credit card.

        • Miles&Smiles

          You can collect miles through your purchases with Garanti BBVA Miles&Smiles and use these miles to buy flight tickets.

        • American Express® Card

          Live a privileged life with American Express, the most prestigious card in the world, thanks to the collaboration between American Express and Garanti BBVA.

        • Shop&Fly

          Shopping with Shop&Fly means more miles and more trips. Apply now to get a Shop&Fly credit card!

        • Bonus Diji

          Bonus Diji: the Bonus card with the newest technology! Your card information is confidential, your shopping is secure!

        • Bonus Gold

          Thanks to the Bonus Gold credit card, you can earn more bonuses and benefit from exclusive opportunities at Garanti BBVA merchants.

        • Bonus Card

          With the Garanti BBVA Bonus credit card, you can enjoy installment shopping and earn bonuses. Apply now for a Bonus credit card.

        • Bonus Genç

          Enjoy your youth and university life with the Bonus Genç card! You can take advantage of exclusive discounts and bonuses with the Bonus Genç card for students!

        • BJK Bonus

          BJK Bonus card is with Beşiktaş supporters. If you want to root for your football team while shopping as much as you do on tribunes, this card is just for you.

        • Fenerbahçe Bonus

          With the Fenerbahçe Bonus credit card, you can enjoy installment shopping and earn bonuses while supporting your team.

        • Trabzonspor Bonus

          With the Trabzonspor Bonus credit card, you can earn bonuses while supporting your team. Apply for a Trabzonspor Bonus credit card.

        • Environmentally Friendly Bonus

          With the Garanti BBVA Environmentally Friendly Bonus credit card, you can show your support to many issues such as global warming, air pollution, and the killing of forests.

        • Bonus Flexi

          You can enjoy installment shopping and earn bonuses with the no-fee (free) Bonus Flexi credit card. Apply for a Flexi credit card without paying any card fee!

        • Money Bonus

          Money Bonus is the biggest breakthrough after money! Click to apply for a Money Bonus card!

        • Flexi Card

          With the Flexi credit card, you can enjoy installment shopping and earn bonuses. Apply for a Flexi credit card.

        • Bonus American Express

          Earn 2x bonuses with Bonus American Express credit card. Apply now for a credit card.

        • Transparent Bonus

          With the Bonus Transparent card, we brought a breath of fresh air to the world of typical four-cornered cards. True to its name, the Bonus Transparent card is literally transparent and also three-cornered.

        • Reflected Bonus

          With Reflected Bonus, you earn extra bonuses from your cosmetics purchases besides your health, restaurant, and cultural purchases.

        • Bonus Virtual Card

          If you want to shop online but don’t feel secure, you can use Garanti BBVA Virtual Credit Cards.

        • Altın Bonus

          Shopping with the Altın Bonus card earns you ATAkulche gold bullions; you can receive the ATAkulche gold bullions you earned whenever you want.

        Having the most variety among the Garanti BBVA credit cards, the Bonus family provides the opportunity to spend more and, in turn, earn more bonuses with its cards such as Bonus, Bonus Gold, and Bonus Platinum.
        One of the most prestigious cards in the world, American Express is also offered to you with the privilege of Garanti BBVA; it makes you feel privileged with special discounts and offers available to American Express cardholders. Moreover, Shop&Fly and Miles&Smiles, which are preferred by frequent flyers, provide you the opportunity to buy free tickets and cover different travel expenses by using the miles you earned from all kinds of purchases.
        You can start experiencing easy, secure, and advantageous shopping by considering the Garanti BBVA credit card options and deciding on your credit card limit according to your shopping habits and spending volume. You earn as you spend; you may pay in installments if you wish. With the cash advance option, you won't become stranded if you urgently need the cash even when you don't have cash in your account.

        In an attempt to make its customers lives easier and help them manage their budgets properly, Garanti BBVA provides the Credit Card User's Manual, which answers the question "How is a credit card used?", to its customers in addition to many other options to allow customers to choose the most suitable credit card. You can thus be informed about issues such as the precautions you can take against credit card debt accumulation, criteria you should consider while choosing your credit card, and methods you can apply to manage installment purchases, and thereby use your Garanti BBVA credit card in the most efficient way possible.
        To start earning bonuses while shopping with special discounts and payment advantages at your favorite brands, you can apply for the Garanti BBVA credit card either via Garanti BBVA Mobile, Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, BonusFlaş, or our branches.