Flexi Card Design Options


How would you like your Flexi?

In addition to the features of your Flexi, you decide on its appearance as well! Choose the visual of your card from ready-made designs or the picture gallery, or if you wish, completely design it yourself.

Choose a ready-made design

You can choose your card visual from 6 different Flexi designs.

Create Yourself

You can upload a photograph or design that you like through the “Create Yourself” step and use it as your card visual.

Choose from the Picture Gallery

You can choose a card visual from a wide variety of images in the picture gallery.

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Determine the interest rate, installments, bonus and even the shape...Determine the interest rate, installments, bonus and even the shape...

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Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • How can I create the visual of my Flexi Card?

    You can determine your card visual by selecting one of the 6 different standard Flexi visuals. Find out more

  • How can I change my package? What counts as package change?

    You can change your package through 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, www.garantibbva.com.tr or Garanti BBVA branches. Find out more

  • What are the features of Flexi?

    Flexi enables you to earn installments and bonus everywhere Bonus Card is accepted. Find out more

  • Can I get information in regards to using the bonus accumulated on my Flexi?

    You can use the bonus that you have earned with your Flexi Card in any way that you like. Find out more