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In the case of early payment of the loans taken out within the scope of the law, will there be an Early Payment Fee?

Within the scope of the law, for only the fixed-rate loans, a maximum of 2% Early Payment Fee over the repaid principal amount can be collected in the case of early payment.

In the case of early payment of the variable rate loans, no Early Payment Fee is required.

The Early Payment Fee is imposed to partially compensate the losses that will be incurred by the banks in the financing phase of the fixed-rate loans due to the consumers’ early payments. Thus this practice should be considered as an advantage rather than a disadvantage as it will have a positive effect on the interest rates for most consumers.


  1. Will it be possible to take out a loan with the conditions defined in the previous legislation, even after the Housing Finance Law comes into effect?

    As the loans provided towards the purchase of a property will be subject to the Housing Finance Law after the law comes into effect ...

  2. Which loan products are under the scope of Mortgage Law?

    As known, currently the loans defined as the housing loans are loans that are provided for the purchase of a property or the refinancing of these types of loans.

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