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        Digital Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

        Digital Banking

        What should I do if I forget my Garanti BBVA Mobile password?

        Can I transfer foreign currency to a bank abroad using Garanti BBVA Internet Banking? Can I do arbitrage trading?

        Can I learn about Garanti BBVA Internet Banking transaction hours and limits? What should I do if I want to reduce or increase my daily transaction limits?

        How can I find the nearest Garanti BBVA ATM?

        Which foreign currency transactions can I perform through Garanti BBVA ATMs?

        Which transactions can I perform via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking? Do I have to pay a fee for my transactions? How can I carry out my bill payments?

        Can I send money to an overseas account via CepBank? Can I transfer money when I am abroad?

        How can I use the Call Steering feature of Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center?

        How can I update my phone number or address?

        How can I withdraw and deposit money using the QR code feature?