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Will it be possible to take out a loan for a property that is in the construction phase?

The law does not impose any restrictions in regards to providing loans for properties that are in the construction phase. However, as stated in the explanation above, as the loans cannot comply with the criteria required by the law for some capital market instruments, at least until the properties are completed, it is possible that, in the upcoming period, the aforesaid loans will be considered within a different context by the banks in line with their strategies (such as pricing or amount limitations).

  1. Will it be possible to take out a loan with the conditions defined in the previous legislation, even after the Housing Finance Law comes into effect?

    As the loans provided towards the purchase of a property will be subject to the Housing Finance Law after the law comes into effect ...

  2. Which loan products are under the scope of Mortgage Law?

    As known, currently the loans defined as the housing loans are loans that are provided for the purchase of a property or the refinancing of these types of loans.

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