Safe Internet Shopping is on your mobile phone.

With Bonuspay, you can pay for purchases you make online by just entering your mobile phone number, without having to use your credit card or account information.

When shopping at e-commerce websites, all you have to do is to enter your mobile phone number in the relevant field on the payment step and reply to the SMS sent to you by entering your CepBank PIN. You can easily complete you payment with your credit card, Bonus Kontör or Paracard, or through your account.

To immediately start using Bonuspay, all you have to do, if you don’t have CepBank yet, is to define CepBank through Garanti BBVA Internet Banking or Paramatiks.

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  • Registration

    To start using Bonuspay, all you have to do is to follow the steps below:

    • To make a Bonuspay definition, the “I want to make purchases via Bonuspay” option must be marked on the Define CepBank step.
    • If you haven’t marked this option when defining CepBank, you may do so through the Change/Cancel CepBank option in the Define CepBank step.
    • To define the payment method for Bonuspay, you can select a credit card and/or Paracard or select the account that you have previously defined on CepBank as the Bonuspay payment method.
    • Through theView CepBank Activities step, by selecting a date interval, you can view all transactions and purchases that you have made with CepBank.
    • For Bonuspay transactions that you will make with your credit card, your credit card limit will be in effect. For CepBank transactions that you will make with your Paracard and your account, your money transfer limit will be in effect.
  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    Can I change my Cep Bank PIN? What happens if I enter it incorrectly or I forget it?

    You can change your Cep Bank PIN through the Cep Bank menu in Internet Banking.

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    Through which operators and mobile phones can I perform Cep Bank transactions?

    You can perform Cep Bank transactions through all mobile phones that have SMS sending and receiving feature.

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    What is cardless transaction? Can I use my Paracard for shopping?

    It is a feature that enables you to perform transactions by pressing the “ENTER” button without using a card.

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    Can I cancel my CepBank transaction?


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