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        Smart Assistant Ugi

        Say or type the transaction you want to make, let Smart Assistant Ugi help you.

        All you need to do to reach Ugi is to touch on the Ugi icon on the main page of Garanti BBVA Mobile.

        With the Smart Assistant Ugi supported by artificial intelligence, you can perform your banking transactions by talking or typing while sticking to completely natural speech. Ugi will help you on more than 200 issues and will quickly respond to your request by connecting you to live support assistants when necessary.

        • What Can Ugi Do for You?

          • Card Details
            Ugi can share your card information with you or list your expenses for you. If you want to view your statement information, simply request it. If you ask, it can share your reward information with you and quickly activate/deactivate your card for internet shopping. If you wish to apply for a new card or if you need to see the location details of the courier to bring your card to you, Ugi will support you.
          • Account Details
            You can ask Ugi how to open or close accounts or make payments for your bills, SGK premiums, or taxes.
          • Loan Transactions
            You can ask Ugi your questions about the details of your current loan or the conditions for a new loan application. You can make a request to learn your credit score, and you can tell Ugi that you will apply for a loan and it will guide you to the right step.
          • Checking the Nearest ATM/Branch
            You can find out the location of the nearest Garanti BBVA ATM or branch from Ugi. You can get directions using the See on Map feature.
          • Currency/Market Information and Investment
            You can ask Ugi to convert foreign currencies. For example: when you ask a question such as “how much is 50 dollars in TL”, it will make the calculation for you immediately. Moreover, if you want to get informed about the markets and investment products, Ugi will help you.
          • Payments and Installments
            You can get assistance from Ugi to reach the payment steps you have difficulty navigating. Additionally, Ugi can split into installments your single payment credit card spendings, which are eligible for splitting. You can complete your transaction in just a few steps by telling Ugi that you want to split the transaction into installments.
          • Limit Transactions
            Ugi can instantly tell you your latest remaining limit and can direct you to the right step if you say that you want to increase your card's limit. What's more, this applies to all your limit procedures.
          • Applications
            You can get information about many products such as bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and insurance from Ugi. If you want to be informed about the product you are considering applying for and to be directed to the right step, you just need to ask Ugi to do so.
          • Live Support Assistant
            You can communicate your requests to Ugi if you want to renew your card, your money or card gets stuck in an ATM, your money transfers are not completed, or you want to cancel your transaction. In addition, our live support assistants will help you in cases where Ugi cannot understand you. You can reach the live support assistants between 08:30 and 17:30 on everyday.