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        QR Transactions

        The Convenience of Contactless and Cardless Transaction with QR Code, on Garanti BBVA Mobile.

        With a QR code, you can withdraw and deposit money in seconds. How?

        With the "Withdraw and Deposit from ATM" option found on the Garanti BBVA Mobile login page, you can withdraw and deposit money from Garanti BBVA ATMs with the QR code.

        Moreover, a common QR code allows withdrawing and depositing money from all bank ATMs.Using Garanti BBVA Mobile, you can scan the QR code on other banks' ATMs and complete your transactions in seconds in a contactless manner. Similarly, customers of other banks can also withdraw and deposit money from Garanti BBVA ATMs using the QR code. Location access should be on in order for you to withdraw/deposit money with QR.

        Did you know that you can easily transfer money using the QR code, without entering IBAN?

        You can view the QR code of your bank account from the Garanti BBVA Mobile login page and share it with people to send you money. Money transfer with QR code from Garanti BBVA Mobile is only possible when the relevant bank app, be it Garanti BBVA or other banks, has access to the phone camera. The relevant transaction fee is charged according to the amounts and rates of the transaction type described in Product and Service Fees. Please click to see Product and Service Fees.


        Thanks to the QR code, you no longer need to carry your card with you to pay!

        Using your Garanti BBVA Mobile app, scan the QR code displayed on all bank POSs that can produce common QR codes, and so pay effortlessly from your bank accounts and with your cards.

        You can pay your credit card debt and loan installments in cash from Garanti BBVA Mobile with a QR code.

        You can easily pay your credit card debt and loan installment by going to the "Make Payment" section after clicking on Withdraw/Deposit Money from ATM on the Garanti BBVA login page and scanning the QR code on our ATMs.