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        Check out Garanti BBVA's loan products, apply for the loan that suits you!

        General Purpose / Auto Loans

        • SME General Purpose Loan

          Garanti BBVA presents the general purpose loan with convenient payment options for all kinds of financing, investing, and individual needs of microenterprises and SMEs!

        • Auto Loan

          Garanti BBVA auto loan will carry you off your feet. You can take advantage of our different repayment plan options that suit your budget and income.

        • Overdraft Account

          An overdraft deposit account is the advance account that you can use for your payments at any moment even if you don't currently have funds in your account.

        Foreign Trade Financing

        Commercial Loans

        • Foreign Currency Spot Loans with Early Repayment Option

          Foreign currency spot loans are a credit facility where the credit amount, maturity, and interest rate are all locked in for the duration of the loan

        • Installment Loans

          You can take advantage of the installment loans to finance your short- or medium-term needs.

        Project Loans / IBOR Reforms

        • Solar Power Loan

          Garanti BBVA provides financing support for your unlicensed projects aiming to generate 1 MW (megawatt) of electricity and below by setting up a solar power plant!

        • KOSGEB Loans

          Since 2017, we, as Garanti BBVA, have been a medium for loan programs offered by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey) in various periods in order to provide financing support to SMEs.

        • IBOR Reforms and Transition Processes

          LIBOR and Other Benchmark Interest Rates Reforms and Transition Processes.