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        Single Page Technology

        Single Page: All your bank accounts are on the same page via Garanti BBVA Internet!

        Our customers that are within the categories of microenterprise, SME, and Commercial can instantly display their account details and account activities at different banks on the Single Page via Garanti BBVA Internet.

        All our sole trader and corporate company customers working with Garanti BBVA can access their account details and account activities from a single page by registering into the system via Garanti BBVA Internet the username and password that they will obtain following an online account activity order they will give to their other banks.

        By clicking on "Account" under the "Account and Product" menu on Garanti BBVA Internet, our customers can instantly view their Garanti BBVA and other bank accounts and account activities, display their total balance as a summary, and download on their computers in Excel format if they wish.

        • Advantages

          What are the advantages of the single page?

          • You can track all your different bank account details and account activities via Garanti BBVA Internet.
          • You can track your financial situation from a single application without having to remember your login details for other bank applications.
        • Details

          What should I do to see all my bank accounts on the single page?

          • Communicate your request to your Customer Relations Manager and ask for the relevant authorization identifications to be completed.*
          • Go to the My Profile/ Other Bank Settings menu to add the other bank that you wish to see on the single page on Garanti BBVA Internet.
          • Communicate your online account activity request to the other bank.
          • Fill out the form that the other bank will give you in accordance with the “application guide” that is shared under the "add bank" section on Garanti BBVA Internet, and then send the order to the related bank.
          • Go to the My Profile/ Other Bank Settings menu and then “Add Login Details” to add the username and password that the other bank will share with you.
          • Click on “Detail” and choose “Add Account”. Enter account number or IBAN details as requested.
          • After completing these identification steps, you will be able to instantly display your accounts at other banks under the Account and Product/ Account menu on the single page, just as you see your Garanti BBVA accounts, and check your total balance and, if you wish, download your account activities collectively in Excel format.

          You can contact your Customer Relations Manager for detailed information.

          If you are not a Garanti BBVA customer yet, all you need to do is to visit the closest Garanti BBVA branch to open an account.

          *There is no need to identify authorization separately for sole traders.