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        Garanti BBVA Corporate Internet Banking

        Garanti BBVA Internet Banking has been redesigned considering the banking products and needs of our corporate customers.

        On the homepage specially designed for our corporate customers, you can;

        • See at a glance the cash flow that summarizes cash inflow and outflow under the Received and Sent sections.
        • Access detailed information about products such as POS, cheque, and credit card each of which significantly impacts your business.
        • View all your account and product transactions separately.
        • Display your future financial transactions for a certain week with the weekly calendar feature and thus manage your cash flow.
        • Display POS transactions for the next 120 days and learn how much funds will be transferred to your account when.
        • Features

          • After specifying the necessary settings, you can monitor and display your account activities at other banks collectively and instantly on the Single Page without having to enter another username and password for that particular bank account, and you can also download your account activities on your computer.
          • If you have a business line of credit and you meet the other relevant conditions, then you can utilize revolving loans, spot loans, discount loans, and Interbank-indexed loans right away at any time of the day and seven days a week, without going to the branch.
          • You can match the details such as the tax number, mobile phone number, and e-mail with your company's accounts to use those as your Easy Address, and instead of the 26-digit IBAN, you can share your Easy Address with the people that will send money to your company. Either through Easy Address or IBAN, it is possible, within FAST limits, to send and receive money to and from another bank 24/7.
          • If you need to, you can upload your provisional or corporate tax declaration and trial balance documents via Garanti BBVA Corporate Internet, without going to the branch. You can go to Profile > Documents > “Upload Document” on Corporate Internet to upload your documents.
          • You can easily approve your Salary Payment Agreements via Garanti BBVA Internet or Mobile without going to the branch, and you can display these documents again later on.
          • Garanti BBVA Corporate Internet Banking for companies differs from Garanti BBVA Individual Internet Banking in essentially two aspects. These are the products exclusively offered to companies and the ability to identify any authorization to as many users as you wish.
          • You can easily create your company's Export Value Acceptance Certificate information from Garanti BBVA Internet without going to your branch. Also; You can view the documents you have created, download them directly or send them as e-mail.
          • You can now apply for member merchant / POS for your company via Garanti BBVA Corporate Internet.

          By using authorizations, you can

          • Build a detailed structure to include all persons in the signature circular of your company.
          • Identify as many sub-users as you wish and formulate a wide range of authorizations to each of these sub-users such as authorization for all transactions, authorization only for money transfer entry, or authorization only for account display.
          • Authorize users for different amounts based on transaction groups.
          • Build multiple approval /sequential approval structures that ensure money transfers are executed following the approval of more than one person.
          • Enjoy a feature where different companies can display the accounts of each other and perform transactions when they want.
          • You can call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center to get information about Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, convey your problems or requests, or receive assistance about technical matters 24 hours a day.

          If you run your company on your own behalf (sole trader) and are not a Garanti BBVA customer yet, please click to be our customer without going to the branch.

        Transactions Available on Garanti BBVA Internet Banking


        Salary & Payment Procedures

        Credit Risk and Check Report

        Stock Trading

        Export Transactions

        Import Transactions

        Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT)

        Garanti BBVA Information Services

        Password Transactions

        Registered E-Mail

        All Banking Transactions & Technical Issues

        In addition to the transactions available on Garanti BBVA's Individual Internet Banking, you can perform the following transactions:

        • Approval-based Money Transfer
        • Batch EFT/Remittance via File Transfer
        • Direct Collection System
        • Authorization Transactions for Garanti BBVA Internet Banking
        • Displaying the POS Revenue
        • Import and Export Transactions

        To find out about the banking transactions individual customers can perform via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, click here.

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