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        Country Loans

        Create new opportunities in the international market with country loans.

        Hermes/Coface/Sace/SERV and the like are Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). Offering insurance/credit in order to encourage the exportation of capital goods by exporters of their own countries, these institutions ensure the provision of medium- and long-term loans to buyers. If you are planning to import goods from these countries, you can obtain a country loan. While country loans are offered for all capital goods, the GSM country credit that is provided by the US Department of Agriculture within the GSM program targets specifically the products such as cereal, cotton, and corn.

        • Avantajlar

          • For the importer company, loans offered by the banks are the alternative to country loans. However, country credits are more attractive than bank credits since they have long maturities and their interest rates are relatively lower.

          Below you can view the countries and relevant Export Credit Agencies from which the country loans can be obtained:

          Country Export Credit Agency
          Germany HERMES
          Switzerland SERV
          Austria ÖKB
          Belgium DELCREDERE (ONDD)
          Spain CESCE
          USA US EXIM
          Italy SACE
          France COFACE
          Japan JBIC
          Finland FINNVERA
          Denmark EKF
          Holland ATRADIUS
          South Korea KEXIMBANK
          Australia EFIC
          England UKEF/ ECGD
          Sweden EKN