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        POS Options at Garanti BBVA!

        • POS Cash Register

          These are computer-based devices that have both cash register and POS hardware, are presented with redefined technical features in line with technological advances, can securely transmit data to and establish a connection with the Revenue Administration via the internet.

        • DCC POS

          Garanti BBVA DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is a payment solution allowing foreign card holders from around the world to make their payments in their local currencies.

        • Garanti BBVA Virtual POS

          Garanti BBVA Virtual POS is a secure payment solution that is developed to receive payments made by credit cards in online sales.

        • Contactless Payment POS

          You can easily receive payment by cards with the contactless payment feature, thereby reducing transaction times and performing faster and problem-free transactions.

        • CepPOS

          Garanti BBVA CepPOS is a merchant sales application that transforms smartphones into contactless POS devices.

        • Other POS Products

          • Foreign Currency POS
          • Joint POS