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        Bonus Business Card

        Bonus Business Card

        Use Bonus Business Card to let your company earn an abundance of bonuses!

        Bonus Business Card, which introduced Turkey to the concept of bonus, is a specially designed credit card for owners, managers, and employees of small- and medium-sized companies.

        You can benefit from uninterrupted customer services with Bonus Business Card and earn bonus as you use your card for your company's expenditures.

        Furthermore, with the Bonus Business card, you can easily keep track of your company expenditures.

        For detailed information, you can call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center or visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

        BonusFlaş allows you to take control of your Bonus Business card details, payments, and campaigns in a single application. Install BonusFlaş now!

        • Features

          With Bonus Business Card, you can benefit from many advantages regarding your company expenditures:

          • You can make 3 installments for your fuel, food, office supplies, mobile phone expenses and transactions up to 100,000 TL in all other sectors.
          • The minimum payment amount is just 25% or 50% of the total credit card debt for the relevant period.
          • Your card still allows withdrawing cash advance even when you pay less than the minimum payment amount.
          • We can offer a commercial card to our customers to whom we cannot issue an individual credit card due to the customer's total credit card limit in other banks.
          • You can get your expenditures billed to your company.
          • The regular 15% RUSF (Resource Utilisation Support Fund) is not applied to any incurred interest. (It applies to customers except for the ones that are taxed over their accounting books kept by single entry.)
          • You can use your accumulated bonuses to shop for free at the following locations whenever you wish:

          Bonus Card Program Partners


          Travel Line

          • You can collect all your accumulated bonuses on a single card.
          • You can define a sector-based limit to your card.
          • You can place automatic payment orders for standing payments such as OGS payments and Turkcell mobile phone bill payments, without any additional fee.
          • With the "tap & go" feature of Bonus Business, you can quickly and easily pay for your daily small purchases, without having to worry about change. You can carry out your transactions up to 500 TL without needing the PIN or signature at every location with a Trink reader.
          • You earn an extra bonus of 7% if you opt for the payment with QR code option on BonusFlaş.