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        Cash Management

        Garanti BBVA leads innovations in cash management!


        • The first loan-based direct collection system
        • The first web-based supplier financing application
        • The first bank authorized to serve as an intermediary in tax collections and Bağ-Kur premiums
        • The first bank to offer the opportunity to collect bills via Garanti BBVA ATMs and to make cardless transactions in micropayments
        • The first real-time electronic order and collection system


        • The first bank to establish a Cash Management unit among multi-branch banks
        • The primary business partner of our country's and the world's most prestigious banks
        • Expert customer representatives in cash management solutions at over 1,000 branches
        • Customer-specific solution approach


        • In direct collection systems with over 90,000 customers
        • In collection checks which are the most widely used payment tools in Turkey
        • In money transfers between banks
        • In the number of locations where cash and check collection services are provided
        • In SWIFT transactions

        Use the different systems and agreements that Garanti BBVA has developed for you, and let your company enjoy privileges by Garanti BBVA.

        Direct Collection Agreements
        With the direct collection systems firstly introduced to customers in Turkey by Garanti BBVA in 1996, you can make your payments electronically under the protection and guarantee of our bank. You can access all details, including reports, via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.
        If you wish, Garanti BBVA Information Services can inform you of your payments via e-mail or fax before their due dates.

        Fuel Management System
        With the Fuel Management System (FMS) offered by Garanti BBVA, the only bank that has agreements with all the leading oil companies in Turkey such as BP, Opet, Petrol Ofisi, Shell, and Total, you can fuel up the vehicles registered under your company from FMS-contracted companies and keep your fuel purchases under control while also taking advantage of special payment terms for you.

        Garanti Discount
        Through the supplier financing system called "Garanti Discount", launched firstly by Garanti BBVA in Turkey, SMEs that operate as suppliers to large firms with which our bank has cooperation agreements can display their receivables via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking and discount them at suitable rates, without having to utilize their credit line. Thus, while meeting their financing needs, they can also satisfy their working capital requirements.
        For detailed information about all our payment and collection solutions, you can contact our Corporate Solutions teams at