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        Manage your money at Garanti BBVA, make a profit!

        • e-Savings Account

          Increase your money's value with high interest rates by Garanti BBVA. Multiply your savings with e-Savings Account.

        • TL/FX Time Deposit Account

          You can open a TL/Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account by selecting the most suitable term for your company, and thus obtain risk-free returns from your savings.

        • TL Current Account

          You can use your TL Current Account for all banking transactions such as money withdrawal, remittance, EFT, card payments, bill payments, and regular payments.

        • FX Current Account

          If you want to invest your foreign currency savings or transfer money in foreign currency, then the FX (Foreign Currency) Current Account is just the thing for you. With this account, you can deposit or withdraw your foreign currency at Garanti BBVA ATMs, and make transactions with your foreign currency as easily as you do with TL.