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        Solar Power Loan

        Garanti BBVA supports SMEs generating their electricity using solar power.

        Garanti BBVA provides financing support for your unlicensed projects aiming to generate 1 MW (megawatt) of electricity and below by setting up a solar power plant!

        With Solar Power Loan, you can benefit from convenient terms and conditions and an up to 2-year grace period for financing your unlicensed projects for electricity generation from solar power. By generating your electricity, you both reduce your costs and support the spread of the use of environmentally-friendly energy resources. Unlicensed electricity generation projects are also supported by the state via legal arrangements; the relevant energy supplier company guarantees to buy the excess electricity, which is generated but not used by you, at a fixed price rate determined for 10 years.

        • Features

          • Sole (individual) proprietorships or corporate enterprises (legal entities) that have at least one energy consumption device, i.e. electricity subscription, and wish to generate 1 MW of electricity and below without obtaining a license and by using the solar power can set up an unlicensed solar power plant.
          • At the time of credit disbursement, all additional conditions, including the submission of the Connection Agreement signed with the electricity network operator must be met.
          • You can utilize credit with up to 2-year grace period opportunity and a repayment plan that suits your cash flow.
          • You can choose to utilize your credit either in Turkish Lira or foreign currency, and you can enable automatic payment of your installments from your company's account.
          • Through generating electricity under 1 MW by installing a solar power plant, you can meet your electricity needs on your own and have the opportunity to reduce your costs.
          • By way of legal regulations, the excess electricity you generated is guaranteed to be purchased at a fixed price rate determined for 10 years.