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        Garanti BBVA Corporate Mobile

        Garanti BBVA Mobile has been redesigned considering the banking products and needs of our corporate customers.

        With the new design, you will comfortably manage your cash flow by easily displaying your financial information.

        Via the renewed homepage, you can

        • see at a glance the cash flow that summarizes cash inflow and outflow under the newly added Received and Sent sections.
        • access detailed information about products such as POS, cheque, and credit card each of which significantly impacts your business.
        • view all your account and product transactions such as POS, cheque, and credit card activities separately.
        • display your future financial transactions for a certain week with the weekly calendar feature.
        • display POS transactions for the next 120 days and learn how much funds you will receive and when.

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        • Features

          With the recreated Garanti BBVA Corporate Mobile, you can

          Via the renewed homepage, you can

          • use the QR code to easily transfer money without entering IBAN. transfer money smoothly from your company's accounts using the Money Transfer with QR option.
          • safely make Money Withdrawal / Depositing transactions with the QR code without needing a card.
          • Providing tailor-made solutions for the needs of companies, Garanti BBVA Corporate Mobile ensures convenience and speed in daily banking transactions. Using your mobile phone, you can easily perform all your banking transactions from anywhere at any time.

          With Garanti BBVA Mobile, you experience the convenience of making your banking transactions from wherever you want.

          • You can approve the Money Transfer and Cash Management transactions pending your approval without losing time by displaying them either via the notifications sent to your mobile phone or on the homepage.
          • Allowing companies to analyze their income and expenses for all their accounts and cards and thus manage cash flow more comfortably, Garanti BBVA Mobile enables making transactions in seconds with reduced steps within the menu. You can switch between your corporate and individual accounts with a single touch.
          • Via Garanti BBVA Mobile, you can easily sign the salary payment agreement for companies which includes advantageous offers, and you can start benefiting from perks for your company and employees such as free-of-charge remittance/EFT, no-fee credit card.
          • In addition to Şifrematik and SMS PIN, you can also log in to Garanti BBVA Mobile with Mobile Notification.
          • Even if you are outside the office, you can quickly perform monitoring-approval transactions via the notifications sent to your mobile phone, and you can use the Authorization-Approval infrastructure that enables the performance of transaction entry and approval by different people.
          • You can use your Garanti BBVA Internet password also for Garanti BBVA Mobile.
          • The commission rates to be applied in your stock trading activities are the same for Garanti BBVA Mobile and Garanti BBVA Internet.
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