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        Business Credit Cards

        Earn as you spend with business credit cards.

        • Bonus Business Card

          You can benefit from uninterrupted customer services with Bonus Business Card and earn bonus as you use your card for your company's expenditures.

        • Shop&Fly Business

          Shop&Fly Business! Easy to Fly! With the Shop&Fly Business Credit Card, your company expenses mean more miles, more travel.

        • Miles&Smiles Business Card

          Seyahat harcamaları yüksek olan şirketler için Miles&Smiles Business kredi kartları Garanti BBVA'dan!

        • American Express® Business Card

          With the American Express® Business card, you can have more advantages on your company's daily administrative expenditures, as well as representation and hospitality expenses.

        • Virtual Card

          If you want to shop online but don’t feel secure, you can use Garanti BBVA Virtual Credit Cards. You can set the limit of your Virtual Credit Card yourself and use it for risk-free telephone or internet shopping.