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        Foreign Currency Loans

        Garanti BBVA has a loan for everyone.

        Have a look at the options provided by Garanti BBVA for you if you are looking for the best loan for your company. Foreign currency loans, foreign currency-indexed loans, post-dated foreign currency cheque discounting loans, and gold loans are at SMEs' service.

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          Foreign Currency Loan

          This is a type of credit disbursed to companies that are involved in export or export-oriented sales and deliveries or foreign exchange generating activities on the condition of the fulfillment of the export commitment.

          • It provides convenience in export financing.
          • In the case that the export commitment is fulfilled, the loan is exempt from all taxes, duties, charges, and funds (Resource Utilisation Support Fund).

          Foreign Currency-indexed Loan

          This is a type of credit that the borrower can utilize with an interest rate applied on the basis of foreign currency in consideration of the value the foreign currency will gain against Turkish Lira and without making any payment commitment in a foreign currency, and the borrower should repay the loan by paying the principal, interest (including increases in the exchange rate), RUSF, and BITT.
          Unlike foreign currency loans, no export commitment applies here, thus the lack of risk of export commitment deficit and sanctions.

          Post-dated Foreign Currency Cheque Discounting Loan

          It is a cash credit disbursed in order to cater to foreign currency inflow.

          • It allows the receipt and utilization of foreign currency cheque amount before the relevant due date.
          • It provides convenient collection and liquidity.

          Gold Loan

          This is a type of credit disbursed to provide financing to companies processing gold and obtaining income for working on gold or companies exporting gold in addition to producing it. It is exempt from RUSF.