Portfolio Management and Monitoring


Support in all phases of the investment

Our outstanding loans portfolio has exceeded 13,6  billion dollars as of 2013 year-end. Our Monitoring Team is managing and monitoring the performance of outstanding loans of over 140 projects. Our team, which has been dedicated to portfolio monitoring since 2008, caters to all requests including additional financing needs of the projects in our portfolio.

Investment Period Monitoring (Construction Phase Loans)

Uncertainty and risk are higher during the construction phase of projects. Since cost overruns and delays can have a negative effect on projects, they must be closely monitored. Our civil engineers monitor the investment period, oversee technical advisers, organize site visits and carry out inspections. This also enables investors to be alerted beforehand. 

Loan Performance Monitoring (Operational Phase Loans)

The repayments of project financing loans are spread over a long term. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the progress of operations over years and to measure the risk carried in the balance sheet of the bank. Our team monitors and measures the performance of project through ratio tests, financial modeling, and financial analysis methods. 

Evaluation of Customer Requests and Relationship Management (All Loans)

Project finance loans are multilateral and multi-bank structures that are administered through a loan agreement constructed specifically for the transaction. We aim to centrally coordinate the activities throughout the term of the loan such as communication between the debtor and the banks, the management of the security package, and necessary correspondence with the authorities. Our team is responsible for the management of such loans until the end of their terms.

Best financing solutions for your projectsBest financing solutions for your projects

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