Financing of Energy Projects


Garanti BBVA, Turkey’s energy

Energy has been the leading sector for domestic and foreign investors in recent years. Our team stands out with its experience and know-how in this strategically important sector.

With our specialized energy team, we are providing advisory and sharing our knowledge accumulated through the detailed work we have conducted regarding the energy sector with you. Within the scope of our work, we are using the Electricity Prices Forecast Model we have developed. We are able to offer you detailed reports about the future of the sector.

Our commitment to the energy sector and our country is apparent in the total financing we have provided to date. We will continue to do our part for the sustainable development of Turkey and to provide financing for energy investments.

As of 2013, total funds allocated to energy projects have exceeded 8.1 billion dollars. To date, we have provided financing for more than 100 projects with a total installed capacity of 12,000 MW. The share of renewable energy projects, which have an aggregate installed capacity of 3,500 MW, has reached  3 billion dollars.

Energy projects we have financed can be grouped under 3 titles;

  • Renewable energy projects
  • Thermal power plant projects
  • Energy privatization projects

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