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Our Project and Acquisition Financing Department was a first in Turkey. Since 1999, we have been striving to offer you the most suitable project financing products and services for your needs.


Our governing principle is to be your most important supporter in realizing your projects with our strong financial structure and expert staff.

Our aim is to meet your needs effectively and swiftly with our technical knowhow and solution oriented approach.


Our greatest pride is contributing to the economic growth of Turkey with the projects we finance.

We have many attributes that set us apart.

Sectoral Specialization

To create solutions appropriate to the sector in which you operate, we focus on sectoral and structural specialization with four different teams. With our expert staff in the energy, real estate, infrastructure and acquisition financing fields, we provide financing for critical investments in Turkey.

International Standards

With our strong management, solid reputation in the world finance market and extensive know-how, we provide our customers financing solutions at international standards. Our strong capability has been recognized the international finance market and we have been awarded with more than 20 international awards in the project and acquisition financing field, including the Best Project Finance House in Central and Eastern Europe award by EMEA Finance Magazine, one of the leading finance magazines in the world.

Financing Models That Suit Customer and Project Needs

We develop appropriate financing structures based on the disctinctive needs of each project. Instead of taking a conventional approach, we provide customized financing solutions for strategically important, large-scale projects such as energy and infrastructure investments.

High Financing Strength and Product Variety

Our solid financial performance enables us to provide financing in significant amounts for large-scale projects . And ourwide product portfolio can serve all banking needs of projects.

Wide Service Approach

Our legal, sustainability and monitoring teams, which work in parallel with our business development teams, support investors in every stage of their project. Facility and security agency services as well as account management services provided by our monitoring team provide for your needs at the implementation and operation stages of projects.

Support for Sustainable Growth

We believe that all sector players are responsible for doing their part in leaving a better world for future generations. In line with our responsible banking approach, we analyze and evaluate the environmental and social impacts of projects. We pay attention that the projects realized through our loans contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and are environmentally friendly.

Total project and acquisition financing we have provided has increased on by 17% between 2007 and 2013 to 13.8 billion dollars. In addition, committed but undisbursed financing amount is 3 billion dollars as of  2013 year-end.


Click for "Capital Projects and Infrastructure Spending in Turkey" report.

Best financing solutions for your projectsBest financing solutions for your projects

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