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Along with the automatic payment order that will be carried out through my credit card or my account, can I load units into my KGS or OGS device?

To prevent future complications, it is mandatory to place an automatic payment order at the time of application. Besides the automatic payment order that you place to be carried out through your credit card or account, if you want to make EFT/Money Transer to your OGS or KGS product, you can do so by sending it to your OGS tag account number or KGS card number.
The life of your KGS card is 5 years. Your OGS device has a 5-year warranty.

  1. Which transactions can I perform via Internet Banking? Is there a fee for these transactions? How can I pay my bills?

    TL 0,80 for money transfer transactions, regardless of the amount. TL 2,50 for EFT transactions and payments of other bank credit card debts regardless of the amount

  2. For which organizations can I make online bill payments? What are the agreement entry periods?

    The information of the bill with automatic payment order can be viewed at least 1 day before the payment due date.

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