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I want to apply for both the OGS and KGS products. Is it possible through a single application? What is the price and warrant date of OGS/KGS device?

You need to make two seperate applications to obtain the OGS and KGS products offered by Garanti Bank.
You can purchase the Garanti Bank OGS device for 40 TL. KGS is free of charge.
The life of your KGS card is 5 years. Your OGS device has a 5-year warranty.

  1. How can I make payments for OGS and via Cep Bank?

    To transfer money to your OGS account, you need to make an entry through the OGS step of the Payments menu.

  2. What are the channels that I can carry out OGS/KGS transactions? If I apply for OGS/KGS through Alo Garanti, do I have to go the a Garanti bank branch to sign an agreement?

    To maintain a positive balance in your OGS device or KGS card, please make sure to have sufficient balance in your account or available limit in your credit card.

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