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What is the Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TurkDex)? What are its features?

The Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TurkDex) is the exchange where futures and options contracts are traded. These contracts which are bought and sold are called derivative products. The exchange has started operating on February 2005 in İzmir.

Futures and Options contract:

Futures and Options contracts are agreements in which parties agree to buy and sell a specified amount of commodities or financial instruments on a specified date in the future at a specified price. In such contracts, the nature, quantity and the maturity date of the assets on which they are based are standardly specified.
Futures and Options contracts, differ from spot markets in that the obligations specified in the contracts which are traded today arise at a specified maturity date. 

  • They are traded on an organized exchange (In Turkey, The Turkish Derivatives Exchange) and the are under the guarantee of the clearing institution through the collateral system.
  • Investors who want to engage in trading of these instruments are required to put up margins specified separately on each contract. 
  • They may be bought and sold till maturity. Before maturity, the investor may close his/her position by taking a reverse position. Delivery is not obligatory.
  • Profit/Loss is calculated on a daily basis and reflected on the relevant account.
  • Through leveraging, it provides the investor with the opportunity to trade without having to invest the full amount of a contract, (by only putting up the specified initial margin).

For your inquiries and further information, you may call 444 0 333 Alo Garanti  (and key in 5-1).

  1. How can I place a buy order for the fund? Can I place a buy order in the interim period?

    You may place your buy orders between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 on the announced demand collection days, and until 12:00 on the last day.

  2. What is a 40 session order?

    While orders for only 1 or 2 sessions can be placed in the buy/sell step, you can place orders for a minimum of 3 sessions in the morning session, and a minimum of 2 sessions in the afternoon session, with a maximum of up to 40 sessions.

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