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What are their differences from alternative products?

  • Value appreciation /depreciation that occur in the fund portfolio is reflected in the value of the portfolio on a daily basis. The concept of maturity does not apply. Thus, within the forward pricing rule, the investor can cash in his/her entire investment or as much as he/she needs along with the accrued income.
  • Differs from t-bills, government bonds and deposit products as the rates of return for mutual funds are not determined beforehand.
  1. How can I place a buy order for the fund? Can I place a buy order in the interim period?

    You may place your buy orders between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 on the announced demand collection days, and until 12:00 on the last day.

  2. What is a 40 session order?

    While orders for only 1 or 2 sessions can be placed in the buy/sell step, you can place orders for a minimum of 3 sessions in the morning session, and a minimum of 2 sessions in the afternoon session, with a maximum of up to 40 sessions.

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