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What is Şifrematik, and how does it work? How big is it? What are the advantages of using Şifrematik? Can I use it for Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center and Corporate Internet Banking?

Şifrematik is device that provides extra security for Internet Banking by generating single use PINs. Once you make a transaction on the Internet Banking page using a PIN generated by Şifrematik, neither you, nor anybody else can use the same PIN again. This way, you can make your Internet Banking transactions with extra security. To make another transaction on the Internet Banking page, you can simply generate a new PIN using your Şifrematik. You can carry your Şifrematik with you and access Internet Banking safely and easily from anywhere you like.
Şifrematik is a bilateral security system. One leg of the system consists of the server, and the other leg consists of the Şifrematik device. The Şifrematik server is located at our headquarters, while the devices are given to the customers. There is neither a cable nor a wireless communication between these two units. The server knows the PIN that is to be generated by the Şifrematik in advance, and inspects whether the PIN used to log on to Internet Banking is correct or not. If a  Şifrematik device generates an unexpected PIN, or if someone attempts to log on to a certain users Internet Banking page using a PIN generated by a different device, the server detects that the PIN is generated by an incorrect device and prevents the login.

The Şifrematik system is operated using a fairly simple model, hence the chance of an error is considerably small. Before a device is sent to a customer, the server and that device are synchronized. In these pre-synchronized devices, the PINs that are to be generated for each login are determined by a complex mathematical equation. In the process of generation, the Şifrematik device generates number using this equation, then the server system compares the number it has generated to the one generated by the device. If the number is verified by the server, the login attempt becomes successful. The inputs provided for the equation can be described as the transaction time and transaction number, or, in other words, as the event and event time.

Şifrematik is 7,5 cm (3 inches) tall and and 4,7 cm (2 inches) wide.
If you wish, you can also define your Şifrematik to generate a Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center password by logging on to  Internet Banking and going to the Şifrematik Operations section in the Definitions menu.

  1. When I enter my customer number and Internet/Mobile Banking password, I get a message that says "Your accounts are closed for use in Online/Mobile Banking". Why do I get this message?

    The reason you get this message in Internet Banking or Mobile Banking is that you have entered your PIN incorrectly for multiple times.

  2. What do I need to do in order to begin using my Mobile Signature on the Garanti BBVA Internet Banking? How can I log on to Internet Banking?

    First of all, you have to submit an application by logging on to Internet Banking and going to the Dashboard Settings step PIN / Password section Definition for Quick Loign with Mobile Signature.

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