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How do I generate a PIN using Şifrematik? How do I start using the Şifrematik after I received it? What do I do if it gets locked?

Press the button marked with an arrow located at the bottom right corner of you Şifrematik. When the word “PIN” appears on the screen, enter the 4 digit PIN code that you’ve determined beforehand. “APPLI_” will appear on the screen. Press “1” on your Şifrematik’s keypad. A single use 6 digit PIN will be generated and displayed on the screen.
Şifrematik will be inactive when you first receive it. To activate your Şifrematik and begin using it, you need to enter a PIN generated by your Şifrematik in the Şifrematik Menu of your Internet Banking page. Once you do this, you can begin using the PINs generated by your Şifrematik to log on to Internet Banking.

When you enter the Şifrematik PIN incorrectly for the first time, “FAIL 1” will appear on the screen. When you enter it incorrectly for the second time, “FAIL 2” will appear on the screen. When you enter it incorrectly for the third, fourth and fifth times, “FAIL 3”, “FAIL 4” and “FAIL 5” will appear on the screen respectively. After that, when you try to use your Şifrematik, the words “LOCK” and “PIN”, as well as a 7-digit PUK Code that will enable you to obtain the PIN you’ll need to begin using your Şifrematik again will be displayed on the screen.
To reactivate your Şifrematik, if you own a valid Bonus Card, Flexi Card, Shop & Miles, &Club,  Garanti Card or a Paracard, enter your card’s password and the PUK Code that is displayed on you Şifrematik screen in the fields indicated by the “Şifrematik PIN Code Activation” step. Your 8 digit Şifrematik Activation Code will appear on the screen.

  1. What do I need to do in order to begin using my Mobile Signature on the Garanti BBVA Internet Banking? How can I log on to Internet Banking?

    First of all, you have to submit an application by logging on to Internet Banking and going to the Dashboard Settings step PIN / Password section Definition for Quick Loign with Mobile Signature.

  2. What is Şifrematik, and how does it work? How big is it? What are the advantages of using Şifrematik? Can I use it for Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center and Corporate Internet Banking?

    Şifrematik is device that provides extra security for Internet Banking by generating single use PINs.

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