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How can I log on to Internet Banking using only my Mobile Signature? If I transfer my mobile number to another service operator, can I still use my Mobile Signature without experiencing any problems?

On the Internet Banking page, by changing the settings on the Mobile Signature section of the Dashboard Settings step, you can begin logging on to Internet Banking using your Mobile Signature, without having to enter your mobile phone number every time you log in.

After changing the settings of your mobile signature, if you have one, you can keep using your defined Şifrematik or Cep Şifrematik safely when logging on to Internet Banking. You can log on quickly and safely using both your Mobile Signature and your Şifrematik or Cep Şifrematik anytime as you wish.
When changing the Mobile Signature settings, both the definition and the cancellation operations are signed using the Mobile Signature. For this reason, you need have your Mobile Signature defined mobile phone with you when making these definitions.
For definition transactions, you can only use Internet Banking. The cancellations, on the other hand, can be made through Internet Banking, our branches, or  444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center.

If you transfer your mobile number to different operator, your existing Mobile Signature would get  canceled. In that case, if you want to keep logging on to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking using a Mobile Signature, you should make another Mobile Signature application for your new operator.

  1. What do I need to do in order to begin using my Mobile Signature on the Garanti BBVA Internet Banking? How can I log on to Internet Banking?

    First of all, you have to submit an application by logging on to Internet Banking and going to the Dashboard Settings step PIN / Password section Definition for Quick Loign with Mobile Signature.

  2. How do I generate a PIN using Şifrematik? How do I start using the Şifrematik after I received it? What do I do if it gets locked?

    Press the button marked with an arrow located at the bottom right corner of you Şifrematik.

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