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Do I have to be Garanti BBVA customer or a user in order to apply for a Şifrematik? How much does Şifrematik cost? How do I request and get one?

Yes, you need to be a Garanti BBVA customer, as well as an Internet Banking user in order to get a Şifrematik. Şifrematik activation can only be made through Internet Banking which you log on using your current password. For this reason, you must be an Internet Banking user to get a Şifrematik. To apply for Internet Banking, click here.

When you make a request for a Şifrematik, a one time service fee of 20 TL is charged.
You can apply for a Şifrematik only through the Şifrematik menu of your Internet Banking page. Corporations, on the other hand, can go to any Garanti BBVA branch to apply for a Şifrematik.
Your Şifrematik device will be delivered to the address you provided during your application within 7 days of your request. Corporations can get their Şifrematik Device from their Garanti BBVA branch

  1. What do I need to do in order to begin using my Mobile Signature on the Garanti BBVA Internet Banking? How can I log on to Internet Banking?

    First of all, you have to submit an application by logging on to Internet Banking and going to the Dashboard Settings step PIN / Password section Definition for Quick Loign with Mobile Signature.

  2. How do I generate a PIN using Şifrematik? How do I start using the Şifrematik after I received it? What do I do if it gets locked?

    Press the button marked with an arrow located at the bottom right corner of you Şifrematik.

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