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What should I do if I don't see my account or credit card that I want to take action with in Mobile Banking?

The accounts that you can take action with in Mobile Banking are the same as the ones in Internet Banking. You can define the accounts and cards that you want to perform transactions with through our nearest branch.

Your limits in Mobile Banking and Internet Banking are the same. You can define your limits through our nearest branch.


  1. How can I view my accounts or credit cards on Internet Banking? What is the time period for which I can view my account activities online? How can I find out the result of my overdraft account application?

    To open your current or time deposit accounts and your credit cards for use in Internet Banking, you need contact the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

  2. I can only make money transfers or EFTs to my defined entries. How can I transfer money to a new account / name?

    To create a new entry or perform transactions that are not saved, you have to login to via a mobile phone number registered with our bank.

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