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I have ported my mobile phone number to another operator. Can I continue to perform Cep Bank transactions without any problems?

You can perform all transactions except counter top-up to another number, using the same SMS texts. To top-up counters to another number, you need to enter the phone number to which you want to top-up counters, the number of counters and your PIN along with the first letter of the operator from which you want top-up counters as an additional parameter on the SMS text.
Example: 532xxxxxxx 100 A 1234

  1. Can I change my Cep Bank PIN? What happens if I enter it incorrectly or I forget it?

    You can change your Cep Bank PIN through the Cep Bank menu in Internet Banking.

  2. What is Cep Bank? What are the advantages of CepBank?

    With Cep Bank you can send money via SMS to the mobile phone, Paracard or Bonus Kontör of the person you want.

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