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I can only make money transfers or EFTs to my defined entries. How can I transfer money to a new account / name?

To create a new entry or perform transactions that are not saved, you have to login to via a mobile phone number registered with our bank. If your number is not registered, you can define it through our nearest branch or Paramatiks. If you are not able to perform these transactions even though your number is registered, please check your mobile phone's WAP settings and make sure that you are connected to through WAP. For connection settings, you can receive assistance from your operator's call center.

  1. How can I correct an incorrect transaction that I have performed? How can I get the receipt of the transaction that I have performed?

    For all your transactions except bill payments, tax payments, loading units and stock transactions, you can request correction by calling 444 0 333.

  2. Is there a fee for transactions performed through Garanti BBVA ATM? Which exchange rate is in effect for the money withdrawn with Paracard from ATMs abroad?

    For cardless “Money Transfer without Bank Account” transactions, the transaction fee is TL 5.

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