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When I try to login to Garanti BBVA Internet Banking I get an error message that says “ The validity period of the certificate exceeds that of its certification authority. What should I do?

The reason of the problem is that the root certificates of the Verisign company installed on your computer have expired. To solve this problem, you need to download new root certificates from the website of the Verisign company.

1- Go to
2- Click the "Accept" button that is displayed at this address.
3- Click the "OPEN" button that comes up on the "File Download"  screen.

4- On the "Certificate" screen, click the "Install Certificate" button. Do NOT click the "OK" button  at this time.
5- You will have to click the Next, Next and Finish buttons that appear on the screen respectively.
When you complete these steps in full, a message that says "The Import was Successful" will be displayed. In the case that this message is not displayed, you can repeat the steps above.



  1. When I enter my customer number and Internet/Mobile Banking password, I get a message that says "Your accounts are closed for use in Online/Mobile Banking". Why do I get this message?

    The reason you get this message in Internet Banking or Mobile Banking is that you have entered your PIN incorrectly for multiple times.

  2. How can I correct an incorrect transaction that I have performed? How can I get the receipt of the transaction that I have performed?

    For all your transactions except bill payments, tax payments, loading units and stock transactions, you can request correction by calling 444 0 333.

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