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How can I send money to Paracard via Cep Bank? Can I send money to a credit card via Cep Bank?

You can send money to any Paracard from your mobile phone with just a single SMS. The money you send is deposited in the account that the card is linked to.
Enter the number of the Paracard or Bonus Kontör that you want to send money to, leave a space, enter the amount in TL (The amount must be in multiples of TL 20), leave another space and enter the PIN that you have define in and send it to 3333 via SMS from your mobile phone.
Example: 5555666677778888 10 1234
After sending the SMS, you will receive an informative SMS from 3333 that verifies the completion of the transaction and contains a Reference Number.
You cannot send money to a credit card via Cep Bank.

  1. What is cardless transaction? Can I use my Paracard for shopping?

    It is a feature that enables you to perform transactions by pressing the “ENTER” button without using a card.

  2. What is Cep Bank? What are the advantages of CepBank?

    With Cep Bank you can send money via SMS to the mobile phone, Paracard or Bonus Kontör of the person you want.

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