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Is CepBank a money transfer or EFT transaction? Do I have to be a Garanti BBVA Internet Banking customer to send money via Cep Bank?

No. CepBank is not a money transfer or EFT transaction. You do not have to know the account number to send money.
To send money via Cep Bank, you have to be a Garanti BBVA Internet Banking customer or have a valid Bonus Card, Garanti Card or Paracard. Once you have defined Cep Pank through Garanti BBVA Internet Banking or a Garanti BBVA ATM, you can carry out transactions.

  1. Which transactions can I perform through ATMs? Can I use it abroad?

    You can perform the following transactions with your Paracard.

  2. Is there a fee for transactions performed through Garanti BBVA ATM? Which exchange rate is in effect for the money withdrawn with Paracard from ATMs abroad?

    For cardless “Money Transfer without Bank Account” transactions, the transaction fee is TL 5.

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