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In what amounts can I send money via Cep Bank? How many SMSs do I have to send when sending money via Cep Bank?

You can send a minimum of TL 20 and a maximum of TL 900 via Cep Bank. The amount to be sent must be at least TL 20 and in multiples of TL 20. You cannot send TL 10 or TL 30 via Cep Bank. To send money, all you have to do is to send a single SMS to 3333.

  1. How can I correct an incorrect transaction that I have performed? How can I get the receipt of the transaction that I have performed?

    For all your transactions except bill payments, tax payments, loading units and stock transactions, you can request correction by calling 444 0 333.

  2. For which organizations can I make online bill payments? What are the agreement entry periods?

    The information of the bill with automatic payment order can be viewed at least 1 day before the payment due date.

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