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What criteria is used in the evaluation of the Virtual POS Application?

In the Virtual POS applications made to Garanti BBVA, the following criteria about your internet store will be evaluated and the applications of the merchants who do not qualify for this criteria will not be approved. 

  • What are the websites of the merchant?
  • Is there a product catalog and shopping basket in the merchant’s website?
  • Do the links on the merchant’s website work?
  • Is the merchant authorized to use the logos and the brands that appear on the website?
  • Is there content in regards to the consumer rights (returns, cancellations warranty terms) on the merchant’s website.
  • Is there information in regards to the delivery?
  • Is there a confidentiality commitment and security policy on the merchant’s website?
  • Are the products that are sold on the the merchant’s website in compliance with the Turkish laws?
  • Do the merchant’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address appear on the website?
  • Will the merchant conduct sales in foreign currencies? E.g.: A merchant conducting sales in USD in Turkey must know that open conversion to TL, different amounts will be reflected on the card holder’s statement, and inform the card holder regarding this situation.
  • Does the merchant who will be conducting sales in USD also shows the TL values to the customers?

In the case that your website does not comply with any of the conditions above, you will be redirected to this page to complete the deficiencies.

Please read the articles above and make necessary arrangements to fulfill these conditions, and apply through your branch again.

  1. How does the limit of my supplementary card determined? Can I lower its limit?

    The supplementary cards and main card have joint limits. The limit of the supplementary card is determined by the main card holder at the time of application.

  2. What is the Secure Joint Payment Page, what are its advantages?

    The Secure Joint Payment Page is the payment page developed for joint use and hosted in Garanti BBVA's secure environment.

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